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Sólsetur á Breið. Gamli Akranesviti og Akranesviti. Akranes, Iceland

Efficient, affordable and professional English to Icelandic translations and localizations by a native speaker.

Textaland - Every word matters


Við erum Textaland
Arnar Óðinn Arnþórsson


Arnar has written and edited copy as well as provided proofreading and translation services since 2006. To manage these undertakings he started Textaland in 2017. Before that he was a records manager at Norðurál (part of Century Aluminum), department manager at Kópavogur Public Library and an agent for the Consumer Agency and the Competition Authority.


Arnar was an intern in the museum department at the Icelandic National Broadcasting Service (RÚV) and the Parliamentary Information and Research Service. His final thesis for a B.A. degree in Library and Information Science was a subject catalogue for his hometown local weekly paper Skagablaðið: A Repertoire of Town Life in Akranes. Now he is a specialist in the cataloguing of music and electronic content at the National and University Library of Iceland.


When not working, Arnar devotes his time to family and friends. He listens to music, attends concerts and plays drums and percussion at concerts and dances. He watches football and basketball, is a part of the ÍATV volunteer family (an online television channel) and was for a while a freelance cameraman for RÚV.

Kötturinn Álfur - Álfur the cat


Álfur (Elf) lends a paw when needed in human resource management and quality control. He knows no work is ever done on an empty stomach and helps his coworkers to make sure he is never hungry.

Álfur also places great emphasis on everyone getting enough sleep and are well rested for the day ahead. He does this by making sure that everyone is asleep by waking them up. Álfur sets a good example when it comes to rest and relaxation between projects.

Furthermore, Álfur thinks it is very important to reward the workers for a job well-done with various edible delicacies, mainly dried fish. He undertakes the self-sacrificing task of quality testing, and most often ends up eating the goodies before others have a chance to.


Halla has diverse experience in the working world, including jobs at the The National University Hospital of Iceland, Reykjavík Energy and Síminn.

During her student years at the University of Iceland Halla was a webmaster, secretary and chairman for Katalogos student association.


Halla holds a Bachelor's degree in Library and Information Science and has also completed a degree as a personal trainer at the World Class Personal Training School.


In her spare time, Halla enjoys being with her family, travelling around the country and pottering away in the kitchen. She also practices exercise, outdoor activities and knitting and needlework.

Halla Sigríður Bragadóttir

Textaland began its journey in 2017 and provides various services in the field of written language, including translations and localizations, copy writing, copy editing and proofreading.


Textaland are Arnar Óðinn Arnþórsson and Halla Sigríður Bragadóttir. They both have a degree in Information Science from the University of Iceland and have a diverse experience in the public and private sector, including The National and University Library of Iceland, The National University Hospital of Iceland, Norðurál and Reykjavík Energy.

Merki Textalands - Textaland logo


Hlutverk og stefna | Textaland


Textaland provides professional, diverse and personal services in the field of written language to individuals, university students, non-governmental organisations, municipalities, institutions and businesses.


Textaland aims to fulfill the requirements and wishes of customers and partners for a professional, reliable and high-quality work where every word matters. Assignments must be returned on time.


Textaland places emphasis on customer confidentiality and ensures the utmost security in the handling of projects, documents and information entrusted to the company, and ensures that laws on personal data protection and handling are followed.


Textaland strives to use environmentally friendly products, incl. Nordic Swan Ecolabelled paper, print cartridges and electronics and practices responsible recycling and sorting.

Hafðu samband | Textaland

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